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He had no regard for human life, He even used children for target practice, He started this war to see us Americans cower in fear, Did it work NO!!, I'm am very proud to be American do i believe in violence and death no, However when someone comes to my country and kills with no remorse or regard for human life, yes i have a problem, I come from a very good family, I was born and raised Catholic. I hold my morales and values with a lot of pride.

Am i glad he's gone yes, However i never said it was ok to take a life from someone, I really wished this war never started and i wish that there could have been a peaceful situation.

We did what had to be done to prevent another 9/11, Some may agree or disagree with how i feel, But i have a lot of friends from different country's, Just because someone is from the same country as him, Doesn't make them terrorist, Even after 9/11 i never looked at other people the way some did. I admit we don't all ways think before we react, There are a lot of good people in this world, it's too bad that some try to make others look bad!!

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