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Originally Posted by GeneralPloKoon View Post
Sure the guy was a bad man, but it is puzzling to me seeing everyone(or at least many Americans) celebrating the death of a fellow human being. I mean it makes people look like death is a good thing, I dunno...I suppose to many people affected by 9/11 it is some relief. But to everyone else....I dunno I will shut up now.
Death is never a solution, You're right about your statement, And yes many were celebrating, What bothers me the most with some peoples attitudes or statements is, America was not the only country hurt by 9/11, that's why we called it the WORLD TRADE CENTER, meaning that all races and religion's were affected by this event, Meaning that all races worked in the same buildings and offices together.

He was clearly a mad man, and evil in it's purest form, He was given the choice of surrender and denied that option, I really wish we could all wish upon a star and wish away war, violence, and hatred, But clearly that is living in a fantasy world, We alll live int his world together, Hopefully someday we can all live in Peace with out violence!

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