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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
That's fine. Wasn't initially sure what you're point was, but agree that oversimplification only tends to muddy the picture. Given that muslims border on 20+/- % of global population, I never took those pics to really be anything more than anti-American arab-muslims or radicalized muslims outside the ME.

No, I understood the basic analogy in terms of power imbalance between OBL vs the US and protestors vs an autocratic govt. Just didn't buy the Egyptian "revolution" to be something to really celebrate b/c I think that the MB will eclipse the "secular" forces that wanted to remove HM and replace him with a more "democratic" regime. I'd agree that taking OBL out, while necessary, was just one more operation in a long war with no real end in sight.
Meaning this war is another Vietnam, Lives lost with no real directive!

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