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((Ok, unless I'm retarded, I think you should change your post Tysy; Cyborg already had Rogue get Quiri's body off the wall and in his arms by the time these two "character" of yours came in. So I'd recommend slowing yourself down with this unexplained tangent here, and changing the above post, otherwise, Kallic will kill both of them and retrieve Quiri's body...Soooooo, yeah. -_-; ))

Kallic had been scanning out information within the fallen security mechs to gather data on the location of the missing crew members, primarily Tom; he'd been piecing together strings of data when he caught the middle of an explanation from a stray, random salarian they'd found in the middle of a human facility. "Experimental specimen. Bioenergy wall overload--far too much output. Asari--asari dead. Cerebral cortex hemorrhage. She came to find me. Rescue me. Perhaps bioenergy wall was causing her intense intercranial agony. Not sure."

"Experiments? Alliance controlled facility, highly unlikely, salarian government would know, especially with such poorly guarded place as this. Would have stopped it long ago, or....Requisitioned new human counselor to stop such heinous actions. Cerberous maybe, but still unlikely, known for their seclusion and privacy, wouldn't be dumb enough to use Alliance facility as a front, like I said, salarian government could infiltrate and learn too much, Cerberous too careful for that and certainly wouldn't want that, Illusive Man.....Illusive. Too careful to make those mistakes, none of this....Mmm, sensible," Kallic analyzed eying the other salarian in the dark warily.

"Great we lose the hot one for you?!?!" Zack commented off to the side, Chiron punching him in the arm for the remark, Kallic proceeded to do likewise, only to the mercenary's gut instead, giving him a deathly sour look all the while.

The strange salarian stared at the Captain. "Bioenergy wall means sentient beings are turned into living batteries. I was the last, before the asari. Wanted to release me, but proved impossible. I regret that she is gone. Was my hero."

Upon hearing Quiri was supposedly dead Kallic's eyes grew wide but quickly shut, his head lowering and shaking sadly "Sad waste of life.....Coward! If she was hero, should have saved her, attempted to at least!" Kallic spat at his fellow salarian angrily, his hand balling into a fist, swinging it at the experimental subject's head but stopping short as the power sparked back on, lights filling the corridor and sending Kallic into a brief daze as his eyes adjusted. Just like the title he had just given him, the other salarian ran at the sight of a large group of armed guards: "Coward," Kallic muttered as he watched him flee, wishing for all the world that his fist had connected.

"TAKE THEIR WEAPONS!" Captain Tuhrop shouted out as Zack had proceeded to defend the group with his biotics, disabling a few of the guards. Kallic was right in front of a guard when he pointed his pistol at him, Kallic thus proceeded to disarm him: moving close to the man quickly he reached out with his right hand, grabbing the back of the M-3 Predator still in the hands of the guard who held it, the former STG Operative pivoted his body around the opposite direction of the gun arm, wrapping his left arm under the man's own left arm, all while ripping the gun from his foe's hand and pulling the man down sideways, bringing the gun into his hand and down into the man's now exposed ribcage. In this instance the man would have taken a shot straight to the heart from under his arm, but Kallic still felt that killing these men wasn't right, he had no knowledge of whether they were Cerberous or not and he didn't rightly like the idea of killing people who were only doing their jobs, if they were Alliance personnel that is. So Kallic proceeded to maneuver just a little and pistol whip the man in the back of the head, knocking him out cold.

Kallic dropped the unconscious man, whipping around to face the group of guards he fired a Cryo Blast at one, snap freezing him in place, and firing four times at two other guards, one shot per leg, dropping the men where they stood. Rushing forward he disarmed them where they lay in pain, throwing their retrieved weapons towards his comrades, and thus out of reach of the other guards. Kallic heard the comm relay activate, making the salarian pull back behind safer lines so the others could hear.

"Salarian:Kallic come in. I have located Asari:Quirinius, and I regret she is deceased. Do you wish to "bury" her?" Kallic shut his eyes and bit his lip at the confirmation of the other salarian's news from the Geth. "Such a waste....Warned her, helped her, wouldn't listen, wouldn't learn.....So young..." Kallic muttered, shaking his head and opening his eyes, a few stray shots hit his personal shields, he returned fire, disarming a guard with his shots: there was certainly a reason he was a sniper after all, and he was proving it.

"Dead? I'll believe that when I see it. Tell Rogue to stand-by and give us his current location." The Captain chimed in over the gunfire and abilities going off all over the hallway. Kallic blinked as he processed these words and a slight smile came to his face, he liked how sensible the Captain could be. "Agree, can't believe she's dead so easily, not until confirmed with our own eyes, still, if she is dead, better to bring her body with us. Might even be.....Fixable," Kallic affirmed with the turian, turning his attention back to the comm relay.

"Rogue, give us your current location, then proceed to hold position - stay undetected, and protect the body. Confirmed?" He issued out the Captain's orders over the comm relay to Rogue, even firing off another Cryo Blast at a guard and snap freezing him as well while doing so.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
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