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Originally Posted by Taak Farst
Obama is up for re-election very soon, and this has no doubt given him a ton of popularity points.'s managed to put the spotlight back on America AND grant Obama popularity++ right before the election. How convenient...
The next US Presidential elections aren't till November 2012. And as I mentioned earlier in this thread, a year and a half is a very long time regarding these things.

This year alone has seen two Middle East Governments fall, one in what I hope are it's death throes, and countless others scrambling to prevent that happening to them, and we've only just reached May.

And while I'm sure this will no doubt give Obama a popularity boost (and let's face it, he needed it), it will by no means make his re-election in 2012 a certainty.

EDIT: And I have to agree with Mim when it comes to the Royal Wedding (not the crap bit, though ). It might have been a big event here, but it ranked pretty low on the agenda for the rest of the world.

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