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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
Why did they go in and kill him instead of capturing him? I know a lot of people see this as "justice" but since I'm Australian and we don't have a death penalty here... it doesn't seem like "justice" to me...
There seems to be a bit of a mix-up regarding the mission's objectives.

White House Homeland Security Adviser John O. Brennan stated after the raid that "If we had the opportunity to take bin Laden alive, if he didn't present any threat, the individuals involved were able and prepared to do that."

I guessing him so much as mock roaring would probably be interpreted a threat by the SEALs.

But there's two reports vouching for the 'kill order' statement. If I were a SEAL with a capture order though, I'd still "accidentally" headshot him. Just sayin'.

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