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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
Big surprises since you also do not believe in the moon landing.
too true.

The only thing surprising about the timing is the fact that they found him at all after almost 10 years. However, the reason it took so long is because the U.S. diverted recourses in the wrong direction, Iraq and a “so-called” ally knew where Bin Laden was, but kept the U.S. feeding the U.S. B.S. for intelligence.
Maybe, maybe not. The US has and had had enough overall resources to fight in Iraq and still do other things. Finding OBL has been a bit like finding Waldo. Didn't help that Pakistan was "hiding him in the open" like that and someone there didn't tell us.

Also no one was paying attention to the Royal Wedding, but the media. The rest of us were wearing out our remotes from having to change the channel every time that that crap came onto the air.
Yeah, tried to avoid that like the plague. Did catch a segment of SKY news where one of the people referenced Honk Kong Fooey w/regard to some other story. Kind of funny.

Bin Ladin and his people had guns too and was shooting back.
I guess that's an inconvenient fact, mim. Never figured the guy would allow himself to be taken alive if he could avoid it anyway.

Originally Posted by sabre
I guessing him so much as mock roaring would probably be interpreted a threat by the SEALs.

But there's two reports vouching for the 'kill order' statement. If I were a SEAL with a capture order though, I'd still "accidentally" headshot him. Just sayin'.
I'm sure the SEALs know the diff, but don't doubt that there are some that might feel the way you're saying.

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