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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
The Government are lying, corrupt, greedy bastards.

That's my opinion. I think I'm entitled to it. just as you are.
I've never said you were not entitled to your opinion. I can kind of agree with your statement above, but I just would rather look at facts rather than opinions. Even lairs tell the truth once in awhile.

Personally I don’t see how justice could be served no matter the outcome. Capturing Osama alive was not going to bring back any of the victims. I also can’t see asking a soldiers risk themselves further to capture Bin Laden alive just so we can have media spectacle of a trial for the next five or so years. A bullet to the brain and sparing the victims’ families from having to relive 09/11/2001 over and over seems to me the best thing. No it isn’t justice, but I’m of the opinion that justice is a made up concept. The best anyone could ask for in the case is giving the family a little closure.

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