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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
Which are awesome.

I mean, I'm not sure I'd be showing the boxers or the pillow around, but the shirt is well-worth it.
I'm so conflicted over this thing XD, the balance between awesome and shame is constantly shifting, haha.

Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
I haven't even HEARD of any of them except for Mario. I HAVE played the original mario games, if that helps.
O_o .oO(wut?) But seriously even if you've never played the games I'd figure that at the least everyone with a remote interest in video games would know who Link is and to a lesser extent Snake. Though to be fair I suppose that most 'uneducated' gamers usually start off thinking Link is actually 'Zelda'.

Originally Posted by Blix View Post
I've heard of this game, the character designs remind me a lot of Persona. I think it looks pretty awesome to be honest.
That's because the Persona team developed this game. Which is awesome.

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