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"Rogue, give us your current location, then proceed to hold position - stay undetected, and protect the body. Confirmed?"

"We still need to grab Tom." Tuhrop reminded everyone. He fired a bullet in the head a mech. "Proceed onward."

The squad continued through the hall, firing at mechs and any guards that came in the way. Along the way, Kallics words echoed within Tuhrop's head. It could have been Cerberus behind this mess, but would they really be this sloppy?

They finally reached the Interogation Chambers. Tuhrop leaned against the wall, gun his hand. He eyed the door, then back at the crew. Giving them a look that said "Cover Me!".

Tuhrop reached for the button, to open the door. As it slid open, something immediatly flung out. It was a fallen guard, than had leftover eezo disintigrating off of him. A glowing figure walked from dark chambers; a young man with glowing tech armor, and an aura of biotic energy.

Tom approached the guard angrily, showing no mercy. He delivered a powerful biotic shockwave, which sent the guard over the railing to the levels below. Tom looked over the railing. "Have a nice trip..."

Tuhrop froze, looking confused. "Ulrich?... How did you esca--" The Turian was cut off when he saw another figure step out of the doorway. It was Hawking, the head of security.

"I am truelly astonished that a child his age could master biotics so skillfully." Hawking added. Tom glared back at Hawking.

"I aint a kid anymore."

Hawking glanced at the Turian captain, his showing a straight-to-business face. "There is no time to waste; this facility has gone rogue, and we need to save your friend before time runs short."
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