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When chaos reigned, one staff member at the facility always held fast.

When all hell was breaking loose, one staff member controlled the inferno.

When shots were being fired point-blank, one staff member always sniped...

It was this one's specifically-appointed task--not only that, but her destiny when apocalyptic screw-ups came down the pipe. Thus, she crouched on the catwalk, waiting for orders. She looked just like any ordinary member of the research staff, except for one thing: the Vdova, her pride and joy.

"Velian?" Her comm signal came to life. "Why aren't you firing?"

Idiot, thought Diana Cassindra of the research facility. "No worthwile targets," she whispered as softly as she dared. "Direct me. Who to shoot?"

"'Whom', dear. You're getting sloppy, Velian, at least when it comes to proper grammar! See all those people down there? Take your pick!"

"I can't just 'take my pick', especially without arousing too much suspicion."

"Are you kidding me? You really are losing your edge! Take out the turian!"

Indeed: he looked "worthwhile", but what was he doing here anyway? Diana was much more interested in what a certain group was discussing down below. Apparently, the research facility's bioenergy wall--which Diana herself had helped to engineer--had been blown to smithereens. Some moron had apparently tried to replace its current power source with a more powerful one, and had destroyed her precious creation when the power source had blown every other damn power source in the entire facility! He'd pay...

Watching the scene from one of the research facility's many catwalks, Diana suddenly saw a man in laboratory gear rushing around and swearing loudly.

Keith. Her eyes narrowed. I never did trust you. Good night...

She aimed Vdova right for his head and fired a silencing shot. Success!

The comm signal: "What the hell? Who did you just assassinate, Velian?"

"Whom, dear. His name is Keith, and he destroyed my bioenergy wall."

"Our bioenergy wall! Don't get distracted! Follow Hawking and the rest from your vantage point on the catwalk. There's some nasty, nasty s*** going down here, and I don't want our 'visitors' getting out alive. Got me?" A pause. "If they do, this facility is going to lose a perfectly good sniper."

"Got it." Diana started moving farther along down the catwalk, watching...
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