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"Rogue, give us your current location, then proceed to hold position - stay undetected, and protect the body. Confirmed?"

"Acknowledged. I am located in the room of Subject Ten, and I am currently uploading my exact coordinates to your omni-tool."

Rogue heard the sound of gunfire from beyond the door. It was certain the personal here would come in the room at some point. Rogue was still under orders not to kill, so it would not use its rifle.

The sound of footsteps were drawing closer. The geth looked down at the asari it was cradling in its arms. It moved to a corner of the room and gently placed the body on the floor. A small humming noise was heard and Rogue was visible once more.

"Go!" Came a male human voice before the door was opened.

Four guards armed with standard heavy pistols entered the room. The leader turned to see an asari in a corner...a geth pulse rifle in her arms. The leader was ready to order his team to open fire when he felt a sharp pain in his spine. He fell to the ground and looked up to see a glowing blue eye staring at him. Before he could mutter the word geth, a foot came down on his face knocking him out.

Another human got ready to fire his pistol at the geth. Rogue grabbed the human's left arm and twisted it. He chopped down on the human's arm, breaking it upon contact. Rogue threw the human over its back into another human. The geth turned and back handed the gun out of the woman's hands. The geth picked the human up by her arms and brought her closer to it. Rogue hit the human's head with its own, knocking her out as well.

The dark skinned male had recovered from being hit with his own comrade. He spotted a pistol and went to reach for it, only to have his arm stepped on by the machine. He looked up at his attacker after letting out a cry of pain.

"Rot in hell machine," the human said before meeting the same fate as the leader.
__________________________________________________ ______________

Chiron and Zach each took a pistol after Kallic tossed them the weapons. Zach had forgotten the salarian was just as deadly in close quarters as he was with a sniper; his gut was still recovering from the hit he received. He moved with the group, hitting whatever he could along the way. He then looked to Tuhrop who wanted to make a run for the door. Zack was about to make a move when Chiron lifted a security mech. With a mighty roar the krogan threw it at the guards in cover, buying the captain enough time.

"There is no time to waste; this facility has gone rogue, and we need to save your friend before time runs short."

"Try not to fall behind then old man," Zack said as he used his biotic slam on another mech.
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