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i know how it works and i would recommend not to do it.
it would definatly require scripting.
have been working with menu's and it's very annoying. you can't open the default properties of the class and it crashes often when you save the package.

will maybe try to make a new missionselectionmenu later.

EDIT:found the menu you'd need to modify. will have a look at it. the number of selectable missions is hardcoded so you'd have to make a new menu if you don't want to overwrite existing missions.
the class is in the actorbrowser of the unrealED. untick "placeable classes only?" go to menu->menubase->menutemplatetitled->menutemplatetitledB->menutemplatetitledBA->CTCampaignMenu. open the default properties of it, go to the categorie CTCampaignMenu and there you will find the settings of the menu. that includes the names of the missions that get started(YYY_SubMissionDescs for example), the textures of the symbols for the planets(assaultship->blurred->widgettexture for example) and the names of the mapfiles(YYY_SubMissions).
could crash when you open the defaultproperties. oh and if you save your new settings it should work but you won't be able to join mp-servers anymore. overwritting existing files damages the online compability. i'd make a subclass of it, and start it via another menu or something like that( but that'd also require scripting :P). hope that helped.

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