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The Long Awaited Answer


But please lend me your ear (well, eyes I guess)! I have been trying to get this game to work for 6 years (worked on it off and on when I had time), and finally came to the solution:
(BFN standing for Battle for Naboo)

I once was an absolute computer N00B, and this game wouldn't work on my new computer. I was determined to figure out how to make it work. This quest lead to me being the computer guru I am today (I'm not heavy programmer status, well, I've done some, but I've still got a good ways to go.). I actually came across this very thread in my search of looking for how to get it to work earlier on in the quest. I "vowed," if you will, to reply to this thread one day once I figure it out. I knew that if even the OP and contemporaries to the OP never saw my reply, modern and future Googlers (and Bingers, etc.) may benefit, and I wanted the personal satisfaction of finishing this childhood quest (though I would love for the OP and contemporaries to see it!).
I have the solution! This is a huge moment for me guys.

For the whole story to this EPIC TROUBLESHOOTING QUEST, read the whole story:

Incentives for reading the story:
1. If you're geeky enough, you might find entertainment in it. It is a story with a problem, and the problem gets solved. There's satisfaction in solving a 6 year computer problem after 6 years of troubleshooting and education (mostly self-education) - going from n00b to guru, or at least near guru.

2. You might learn a few other compatibility tricks.

3. There's a geeky, somewhat cheesy, parody of Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham.

Here's a link to Battle for Naboo's page in the WINE App Database:
Don't forget to read the comments toward the bottom of BFN's WINE page!

It has another WINE page here (not much happening on this one though):

Sorry for the delay. School puts quite a damper on such things. Hopefully with summer I'll be able to tend the Internet better. (though it took most of that time to figure this sucker out)

As far as what the heck I'm talking about (for those that don't know):
Linux - a free operating system made by hobbyist programmers and is backed by a large, passionate, active community.

WINE - stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator. Don't dare think it stands for WINdows Emulator - quite the contrary - it stands for wine is NOT an emulator. This is an open source (and thus free) program that can run Windows programs in operating systems other than Windows - particularly Linux, though it can be used in Mac and other operating systems as well. In theory, you can have WINE run a Windows program in Windows.

CDEmu - an open source (free!) CD drive emulator for Linux. This lets you play Battle for Naboo in WINE in Linux without the CD. If you want to know about CD drive emulators and how hardware emulation works; I go WAY overboard here (just know that a CD image is (supposed to be) a raw bit-for-bit copy of a CD dumped to a file, that's all the 1s and 0s - not just the files. This gets the filesystem(s), boot info if present, CD label, other labels, number of tracks, number of sessions - everything - except for very technical analog properties of individual pits and lands.):

To sum the situation up, we have a FIRMWARE (or maybe even hardware) problem NOT a superficial software problem. But we do some sorcery and solve this deep software/ hardware problem with superficial software. Turns out that the problem is that the modern graphics cards don't do 3DFX, something that Battle for Naboo wants, according to DOS4Dinner. But they do do OpenGL. WINE wraps (converts) graphics calls (like DirectX - used by Battle for Naboo) into OpenGL graphics calls. So when Battle for Naboo runs in WINE, this deep software/ possible hardware problem is solved by superficial software.
This does make me wonder about people who report that they have gotten Battle for Naboo to work in Win98 but not in WinXP ON THE SAME COMPUTER. Hmmm. Did Service Pack 3 fix this on some computers? Driver? I know that on other computers, no matter the service pack or driver, Battle for Naboo ain't working in XP, but on others with that same exact version of Windows - XP Service Pack 3 - it DOES work. And it also works in Windows 7 without having to do anything special (unless your graphics firmware doesn't do 3DFX).

Let's all give a special thanks to DOS4Dinner. He helped me learn a lot of stuff.
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