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"Try not to fall behind then old man,"

"Dont get distracted and wonder off." Hawking retorted. He proceeded along the hall. Tuhrop walked next to him.

"I take it you are not cerberus?" Tuhrop cleared off. Hawking sniffed with amusement.

"Hardly." He replied in his raspy voice. "Undercover Systems Alliance agent. I was a sent a few months back to investigate this particular facility. We were receiving rather... vague updates on their progress."

While talking, Hawking shot an approaching mech from a distance. "We knew about the experimentation with bioenergy, but they left out quite a few significant details. Nothing to do with Cerberus, but they have placed a Sleeper Agent within the facility to keep an eye on their controversial progess."

A guard seemingly came from out of nowhere and aimed a rifle in Hawking's face. But Hawking grabbed the gun, smacked it in the guards face and knocked him down. "Only a portion of the security team are loyal to me. The rest have been... corrupted. So to speak."
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