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Originally Posted by Quanon View Post
Well, RPG is more then only Stats on skills and whatnot, who get used in a "Dice" rolling system. It was pretty clear they sort of kicked that out in ME-2.

Mayhaps, teh developpers are bringing back a more slightly elaborate item upgrade thing and armours? That could be considered an RPG aspect aswell.

Then ofcourse they did say they'd bring back more indepth stat stuff... I could see they offer you more choices to spend points in when you level up, sort of mini skill tree's?

Ack... idiots >_<
You are right when you say that a RPG video game is more than just stats, but that applies to all the other elements you mentioned as well - you can't just put some weapon upgrades, or just put some kind of inventory in a game and call it an RPG.
If you've read my previous post (the long one), then you should see that this is precisely one of two points I was trying to make - if you want to classify a game as belonging to a certain genre, then it needs to have a specific set of gameplay elements that defines that genre of video games. Not just one or two elements, but the whole set. This applies to any genre, not just RPGs.

My other point is that players need to understand this in order to successfully differentiate between, for example, an Action RPG (RPG with elements of action games) and an Action game with RPG elements.

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