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@Milt: I think you know my politics a little better than that... I am a big criticizer of my country of origin, and think that we have done things that are downright despicable. I still love the land where I live... it is home, the only one I have known. But I am no nationalist.

That makes us no different than all of the "powerful" nations or states in human history. Big power == big bad decisions, power plays, dirty pool, etc.

@Liverandbacon: fair point on why killing him was the better and more logical choice. I am a philosopher, not a tactician, and I have no experience as a soldier. I fight CQC, and well, but in a gunfight I am screwed. I do like Stratego though.

@Jae's post right above mine: great point - it was not simply Americans who suffered loss in that attack. Every one of those foreign nationals had families in there homeland who suffered a great deal. It was a tragedy that truly affected people around the world.

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