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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Betrayal and Redemption

Just before Attack of the Clones: Strikes against Separatist mines on one planet lead to violence

Another one that slipped through the cracks; Stingerhs does quality work, and this is no exception. The lines are clearly marked, and you belong on one side or the other, just like any strike.

The Great War

Non SW fiction: New pilots join veterans in the struggle

The scenes are clear and crisp, the characters clearly defined. Using Egyptian gods for the ship classes is interesting.

lighter shades of grey
Kado Sunrider

Post TSL in an alternate universe: Another of the crew gets married

The story starts off slow, nightmares, preparing for the wedding, Jolee commenting that Revan and Bastila spent part of the night hovering off the deck, and Canderous' comment makes it more amusing

A Day in the Life; Near misses

Sw no specific era given: Just another day in some soldiers' lives

It's rampant (Amok) not rampart (Wall), lobbed (threw) not lobbied (Political maneuvering)

The scenes flow well, but it is JM12 after all, and I know her work. The two main characters are total opposites, and the change of view refreshing.


The Path of my Heart
Jedi Knight Revan

Pre KOTOR: Chloe Star decides to accept the Republic's 'invitation' to go aboard the Endar Spire

For a first work, this isn't too shabby, except for a technical point. A police officer would be talking about dropping charges or mitigating the sentence, not of foregoing punishment.

Whispers from the Past
Darby OGM

23 years pre TSL: Canderous remembers a young warrior going on her first mission.

The piece flows well; the information that Piper is female is slipped in at just the right time to make Canderous confused.

Pick of the Week

Beyond the Rim
Darth Xia Jade

Post KOTOR: Revan has nightmares linked to the True Sith

Remember conversation breaks; it can be confusing keeping track of who is speaking otherwise.

Once a Jedi

Several years pre KOTOR: The parents of Revan bring her to the Jedi

The plot twist that was most interesting was thet Revan was Jolee's daughter. We have all the characters, Revan, Jolee and Kreia to play with and I for one hope there is more.

Knights of Redemption

KOTOR at Taris: Our heroes escape at the last minute as always

The piece flowed very well, I am surprised that the author said it was a first attempt, not too shabby.

The Wolf and Sheep in Me
Cap'n Dragera

Pre KOTOR: Apprentice versus Master in the Sith way

The piece covers a portion of Revan's life most do not try to look at; Revan as she falls, and how Malak loses his jaw. The piece was cold and stark, and very well done.

Pick of the Week

Look at the Dawn

Pre KOTOR: The Day Telos was bombed

The author is good at exploring the chaos of the bombardment. Having Jordo do more than see Dustil later was a good twist.

What Love is to Me

Pre TSL: Jaq kills his last Jedi, and loses himself

The piece is pure CB from the constant self denigration, to well portrayed characters.

Pick of the Week

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