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"You're tracking them well," came the voice via Diana's intercom. "Good. Keep on them. Hawking's a...person of interest, although not yet a liability. Still don't know which side he's on. Can be bribed, if he survives." A brief yet sinister pause. Diana's heart skipped. "Remember the rhyme."

She shivered. "The data gets wiped, and the sniper gets sniped..."

..."thus, if all goes wrong, walls with blood will be striped. Keep that in mind."

Shaking her head, Diana crept forward along the catwalk. All of a sudden, she saw what looked like the body of an asari in one of the targets' arms.

A very familiar asari.

Quirinius V'tala? The assassin took a deep breath. You've got to be kidding me! The last time I saw her was years ago, and now she's...dead? How did she even get over here and into this highly-classified facility? I mean--it's just impossible. It cannot be! Yet, there it is, and I have to make my next move. If this really is my former lover, I want the body. It'll be useful for research purposes, especially since her eezo nodules may still be intact.

After that, I'll bury her. I'm not completely without a heart, you know.

"Velian?" The voice-com crackled. "Velian? Do you copy?"

"I copy." Her body tensed up.

"Where are they headed?"

"I don't know. Hot labs, maybe. I'll keep an eye out, sir."

"You'd better, or you're dead meat."

As if I didn't already know...
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