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A lot of people are saying the best current Android Tablet is the Motorola Xoom.

The Xoom is what people call a "stock Android experience" meaning it has Android 3.0 Honeycomb without any customisations. It's got a 10.1" widescreen lcd display. Resolution is 1280x800 which is the minimum for Android Honeycomb devices. The rest of the info you can see in the link in the first paragraph.

However, I'm not a fan of Xoom... the tablet I'm interested in is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Now there are two (or rather there are three) versions of the Galaxy Tab. The original 10.1 that was revealed was more similar in proportion to the Xoom mentioned above. However, when the iPad 2 was revealed, Samsung went back to the drawing board and redesigned the tablet and came up with the NEW 10.1 and also an 8.9 version as well.

The original Galaxy Tab 10.1 still exists and is renamed the Galaxy Tab 10.1v and is exclusive to Vodafone. However, the only reason you'd ever want to get that version if you REALLY want a stock version of Honeycomb and an 8mp camera.

The version I'm more interested in and will be getting some time in the future (hopefully near the end of the year) is the newer Galaxy Tab 10.1 which is lighter and thinner than the iPad 2. The newer 10.1 runs Honeycomb but with an overlay user interface called TouchWiz by Samsung which just changes the look of the overall honeycomb user interface. From comparison videos I've seen on youtube, I prefer the Touchwiz version of Honeycomb on the newer 10.1 than the stock Honeycomb interface found on Xoom and the Galaxy Tab 10.1v. The newer 10.1 also has a micro SD card slot so you can expand the memory up to 32gb. The only real downside the 10.1 has is that instead of having an 8mp camera like the 10.1v, it has a 3mp camera because of the thinner form factor of the device.

More info about Galaxy Tab 10.1 here:

There are other Android tablets coming out in the future, however all of those are stock Android Honeycomb experiences which means they're all pretty much exactly like the Motorola Xoom. The only tablet to really make its own mark is the newer Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9. (Btw, the two names, 10.1 and 8.9 refer to the screen sizes of the Galaxy Tabs).

Don't know which country you're in so I can't really say what kind of availability you'll have with these devices... but it also depends if you want to use them just over WiFi or you want to go with mobile broadband versions. |

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