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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
Another movie I wish was out on Blu-ray...

What about us dorky guys/gals. I think your all forgetting about us, you know.
You obviously like Star Wars and vidya to be here... *points* GEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!

@ JoFlashStudios: Depends on your definition of social skills lol. "Geeks", "Nerds" and everyone else can be social but not seem like it and then there are just folks who are completely anti-social. There's no real connection other than the perception non-geeks and non-nerds have of them.

I mean, a good example is social networking and the way people view computers... back in the 90s anything to do with computers were the apparent domain of geeks and nerds and anyone who was "cool" (back in school lol) didn't use computers.

Nowadays it's cool to use computers and get online and all that and while people call it the whole "web 2.0" revolution, it really isn't because it's just a popularisation of concepts that existed before they become big in the 21st century.

So, without us geeks and nerds, we wouldn't have airhead girls posting naked pictures of themselves on the internet taken with their iphone which they don't realise can track the location that picture was taken.

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