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Originally Posted by JoFlashStudios View Post
Good news - I've tested an identical file, one saying
void Main()
and the other saying
void main()
They both compile fine, but the first doesn't generate any output, while the second does. Absolutely nothing changed other than that; same file, and I didn't even close the KotOR tool text editor between compiles.

I think this pins it down; for some reason, scripts with "Main()" compile, but NWnsscomp doesn't generate any output.

Qui-Gon, do your results match this?
Yes I just tested this on your earlier script with the AddEquip scripts, changed Main to main and compiled... and you have a working script that was properly output into my override. It seems that a tiny detail like a "M" where an "m" should be will hose the machine

Glad you figured it out, take this as confirmation on your problem and solution

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