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Originally Posted by Blix
Yea I felt that KOTOR 1 had a much better vibe and didn't make me want to cut my wrists or wear black eyeliner nearly as much.
In spite of anybody's attitude, there are no games, movies or books somebody should suicide of. I wonder, why people of today are so soft.

And anyways, vein-cutting is not a method. It is for those who wanna make a loud show, and then call 911 and wail: "O-oooh, blast it, o-oooh, damn it, I was cooking a dinner and decided to slice a ham with a chainsaw! (Yeah-yeah, suburban lumberjack, curse it.) Save me, ple-eeease! I'm too young to die!" Never could get it. If I would like to hand to my account - I would take old good Redhawk and adorn the wall with brain.
Originally Posted by Primogen
Having a pitch-black, bleak Star Wars story is like having a bleak My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic story.
Hm, have you ever read Jeter's trilogy or Hambly's Planet of Twilight, partner?
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