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The Kuat of Kuat thing was just a thing, but seriously, it wasn't just his surname, it was his -NAME- name. That wasn't really what annoyed me the most about the book, but the whole thing was just this endless series of fapping to Fett. He's really not that interesting of a character, especially when the person stated to be Fett's greatest rival is Bossk, who is a COMPLETE MORON. Seriously, that's lazy writing right there, making your hero look like a badass by making his nearest competitor a total idiot. A GUY DRILLS A HOLE THROUGH THE WALL TO USE IT AS A LISTENING DEVICE. IN A WORD, WHAT.


That's a gross overstatement of the facts. But good job doing your best to demonize the people who disagree with you. Grim and dark is an improvement, only a shift, and Star Wars isn't a genre, it's a setting.

But my problems with KotoR II are not only that it's bleak. My other problems are that it's a mediocre plot with stupid characters. Not a single original character in KotoR II is the slightest bit likeable. Sure, they might be interesting, but Charles Manson was a very -interesting- person, I still have no desire to associate with him.

And the design on the villains was so damn -lazy-. Okay, Malak was admittedly not that awesome of a villain, but at least he wasn't 'Lord Pain', 'Guy Who Eats Everything' and 'Your Totally Not Evil Mentor Who Is Actually Evil'.

But the thing that always annoys me most about TSL.


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