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((I sense a sniper battle brewing.....Hmmmm? Too bad Kallic doesn't have a sniper on him. Oh well, a pistol's good enough for him! ))

"We still need to grab Tom. Proceed onward." The Captain ordered the crew as they pushed their way down the hall.

The Captain eyed the group with a well known look of 'Gimme Cover!', he proceeded to enter a room, Kallic activating his I.V.I.-Drone which proceeded to 'distract' a group of guards and mechs that were in the open, while Chiron threw a downed mech at a group that were in cover, their efforts giving the Captain time to do what was needed.

The door opening to reveal Tom in all his angry glory, flinging a guard over the railing, muttering, "Have a nice trip..."

"Ulrich?... How did you esca--" The Captain asked, but stopped short as the man called Hawking entered the hallway after Tom, answering the question in itself.

"I am truly astonished that a child his age could master biotics so skillfully." The man seemingly complimented.

"I ain't a kid anymore." Tom quipped, Kallic rolling his eyes at his crew mate's touchiness.

Hawking continued, speaking to the Captain, "There is no time to waste; this facility has gone rogue, and we need to save your friend before time runs short."

"Try not to fall behind then old man," Kallic heard Zack comment off to the side, destroying another mech in the process. Kallic did similar, pulling out from behind cover he let out a shot, blowing a mech's head off as it tromped down the hall towards them.

"I take it you are not Cerberus?" The Captain asked Hawking as they proceeded down the hall. The push towards Rogue was getting heated and Kallic had just noticed something he was surprised he hadn't noticed before, a high ceiling with catwalks, not something the salarian liked to see indeed.

Kallic ejected a thermal clip while behind cover, gunfire and abilities going off in both directions as the group pushed down the hallway. He was just about to come out of cover when something caught his sense-of-sound, a very distinct and well-known sound to the former salarian STG Operative; a sniper shot. In the ensuing combat it was something that blended in well with all the chaos and he wasn't surprised at all that he himself had barely isolated it from the commotion. Kallic immediately pulled up his Omni-Tool and checked the nearby crew vitals.....All green, the salarian sighed a breath of relief that his comrades were all alive and whole. He peered around from cover to glimpse the hallway, noticing almost immediately a - what he could guess - technician of some sort lying on the ground, blood pooling out from around his head, another recognizable sign for the salarian sniper. He decided to act like he hadn't noticed the shot being fired and followed his crew mates so as not to tip the sniper off in any big way; briefly stooping down to check the technician where he lay. Clean, precise, minute entry, smooth exit, no grey matter 'splash', a remarkable job Kallic would say, maybe not a professional one, but a remarkably good one none-the-less. A quick glance at the wound was all Kallic needed to tell which angle it had come in at; upwards, from the catwalks.

He trotted up from behind, catching up to the group, listening in on the exchange while activating his Omni-Tool. "Hardly. Undercover Systems Alliance agent. I was a sent a few months back to investigate this particular facility. We were receiving rather... vague updates on their progress." Hawking answered, Kallic nodding and glancing over, he remarked:

"Thought this place was too sloppy to begin with. Definitely less likely chance that it was Cerberus, they would have insured no suspicions from the Alliance if it was them, would have given good clean reports, put up a better facade than this to deceive Alliance....Mmm, yes, thinking rogue group more likely now, or rogue Cerberus cell is also a possibility."

Hawking shot an approaching mech from a distance, Kallic nodding at his precision. "We knew about the experimentation with bioenergy, but they left out quite a few significant details. Nothing to do with Cerberus, but they have placed a Sleeper Agent within the facility to keep an eye on their controversial progress."

Kallic finished with his Omni-Tool, sending a message through the intercrew paging system that they had: 'Be warned, high powered weapon in vicinity; sniper likely, keep eyes on the catwalks!'

Hawking disabled a guard that rounded a corner on him, commenting, "Only a portion of the security team are loyal to me. The rest have been... corrupted. So to speak."

"So-to-speak? Questioning the idea of this, 'corruption', but feasible answer none-the-less, seeing as a lot of guards are firing at us, still, don't like the idea of killing men I don't know for certain are my real enemy or not; will retain disabling techniques only for personal discretion." Kallic responded to this, proceeding to shoot a gun out of a guard's hands and quickly close the distance, smashing his pistol upside the man's head, knocking him out cold.

After this Kallic proceeded to open up the relay to Rogue, as he knew the Geth didn't have it's Omni-Tool linked to the crew's paging system yet. "Rogue, do you copy? Be warned, dangerous assailant about, sniper, keep ocular systems on the entry and exit points, but primarily on catwalks above. Do you copy?" He spoke quietly into the relay, his head straight down so as to keep anyone watching through a scope from reading his lips. When he was done he looked up and nodded at the Captain and crew and walked over to the Captain and Hawking, speaking in a low voice, "Should I go up? If so, how do I gain entry?"

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
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