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"Engaging stealth cloak." Diana pressed a small button on her discreet metal wrist console, rendering her invisible to the naked eye. It was top-secret Cerberus research, and only the best and most loyal of employees were allowed to use it. "Following." She continued on down the catwalk silently.

"Velian?" A crackling pause. "Listen to me. In the room up ahead, where everyone seems to be moving toward, there are several waste ventilation ducts. That room is for dangerous surgeries and experiments, especially on test subjects. Once they're all inside, I want you to flip a switch on the catwalk console to reverse the anesthesia fume hoods."

She was confused. "Huh? Won't that just put them to sleep?"

"And make them easier to pick off from above, one by one."

"Got it. Approaching anesthesia console controls now." She turned off the comlink. Once she had reached her target, she waited. Get inside...
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