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Chiron glanced at his omni-tool and read the message Kallic had sent. This would confirm the headless body the krogan spotted a few feet back. Chiron made sure to remain calm and act like he had no idea there was a sniper at all. He knew if Kallic was acting that way, then he wanted the others to do the same. Most of the guards were carrying pistols, it seemed odd there would be a sniper. Perhaps it was someone with Cerberus instead.
__________________________________________________ _________________

Another guard dared to enter into the bioenergy room. He pointed his gun around the room looking for any signs of life. A faint humming noise was heard followed by a crack. Before the human knew what happened he dropped to the floor unconscious.

"Rogue, do you copy? Be warned, dangerous assailant about, sniper, keep ocular systems on the entry and exit points, but primarily on catwalks above. Do you copy?"

"I copy, and I will do as commanded.You have my thanks for the warning Salarian:Kallic," Rogue responded into his omni-tool.

Oddly enough, the geth took a moment longer than usual to respond. It had checked the surrounding area before entering this room. Upon hearing there was a sniper it checked for heat signatures once more. Once again Rogue got nothing on the catwalks above. Something must be interfering with its systems. Luckily Rogue could watch both the catwalk and the door. Rogue picked up its pulse rifle and stood in front of Quriri's body; protecting it as ordered.
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