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A couple of the shorts didn't get cut... but 6 episodes including, if I'm not mistaken, "The Friend for Life" and "The Glazed McGuffin Affair" didn't make it to tape. Why they didn't is sort of unknown. I mean, was it because the other 3 tapes didn't sell well, or was it because those 6 episodes were too offensive to be put on tape?

I've heard that parents in some cities tried to ban the cartoon, and it just so happens that many of the 6 missing episodes had the potential to be the most offensive (and happened, sadly, to be some of the funnier ones too)... so that's probably the case. The videos probably didn't sell tremendously well either, at least in the US, considering you could only get them from one obscure website. ... Though that website is recommended by Burt Reynolds... hmmmm...

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