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Originally Posted by Primogen
and 'Your Totally Not Evil Mentor Who Is Actually Evil'.
I really don't think that Kreia being evil/previously a Sith was meant to be a surprise at all, any more than Canderous, Hanharr, or the other dark-sided party members. It irks me that people keep saying there was no big twist in TSL or that Kreia being evil was actually a "false twist", when the actual twist is played rather straight and very much telegraphed to the player when it comes up.

Originally Posted by MDX
Well, if you prefer it - your choice, but I don't like railroad-straight stories. Besides, it is incorrect to apply to Kreia terms like "good" or "evil". She's absolutely hermetic, unwilling to say even something about her motivations. That's why she cannot be called good. But she's not evil as well. If you don't agree - show me at least one evil act she commits.
(Emphasis mine) I've got a few.

1. Advocates manipulating others for personal gain.
2. Only dissuades Dark!Exile from murdering innocents because it's impulsive and blunt, not because she cares about the innocents.
3. Complains about Light!Exile helping the weak for supposedly weakening them further.
4. Kills the Jedi Masters for revenge (say what you want about whether you like them or not, but she didn't even try to reason with them).
5. Mind-rapes Atton and blackmails him into sticking with the crew.
6. Extends Hanharr's suffering so he can be sent to be killed by Mira.

And where does this "says nothing about her motivations" idea come from? She spends a crapton of time on Dantooine and Malachor waxing poetic about why she wants her revenge. And if the above list of evil stuff doesn't cut it for whatever reason, her ultimate goal of killing the Force should - she's willing to risk killing at least a sizable chunk of the galaxy's population. And in the end, Kreia's only real reason for wanting to do so is just that she's butthurt over being spurned by the people on its two sides.

Originally Posted by MDX
Who and in which way?
Just about everyone in the game who talks about Revan talks about what a genius he was, but you really need to look no further than Kreia, who makes a number of arguments meant to justify his defiance of the Jedi Council, his turn to the dark side, and his war against the Republic. She argues a lot that Revan "never fell" and did everything he did to save the galaxy from the Sith in the Unknown Regions, but it's pretty obviously a channel of her own self-righteous pride - Revan was her star pupil, and she can't handle the thought of him (and herself by extension) being a failure.

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