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Originally Posted by Liverandbacon View Post
I suspect most of them realize this, but don't actually want people to change, since their real aim is to sit up high on their BS moral pedestal, which they couldn't do if their official aims succeeded.
Likely too true. They probably get off on thinking they are "superior" to the rest of us.

Originally Posted by L&B
Also, I'd eat a Sea Kitten. I'd even eat a normal kitten if it tasted good and was competitively priced with other food of a similar delicious level.
Originally Posted by primogen
Yeah, same. I could never eat a dog, but cats? Cats don't even like people, why should I care that they're cute and fuzzy on a plate when they could be warm and sweet in my mouth?

Was actually looking for a cat-as-food pic, but this works too....

Originally Posted by Astor View Post
Maybe we should call for 'Animal Ethicists' to be called 'Crazy People'.
But that's pretty much a given.....almost redundant I dare say.

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