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((Alright, it is now time for a two days timeskip. We're all meeting at the village gates.))

"Thank you Akagi...I've had a lot of time to get better over this past year,"

Akagi smiled again. "I see that your skills have improved and we have not forgotten how you fought for us at the village. We have a gift for you."

Akagi turned back towards the crowd of samurai and motioned one of them forward. "This sword belonged to a friend of mine...who is no longer with us. But I am sure he wouldn't mind if his sword went to an honorable warrior."

The samurai handed to the large sword to Akagi who held it out for Takeda to take.

"Take it...I am sure that it will help you a great deal in battles yet to be fought."

Two Days Later

Karela sighed as she contined leaning against the gates of the village. She had been waiting for the others for nearly ten minutes. She was about to call it quits and head back to her apartment when she spotted a familiar figure in samurai armor walking towards the gates. "Hey Akagi!" She shouted out, "Over here!"

The samurai looked over at her and changed directions even as he looked around for the others. "I take it the others haven't arrived yet?" He asked as he walked up to her.

"No...I hope they show up soon though. I'm eager to start this mission. Hey...wait a minute. Where are the rest of your samurai?"

"They are going to be staying behind. I need them to watch over the survivors from the village. I also thought we might be a bit...noticable if we had a squad of my men following us."

"Good point." Karela said as she continued watching for the others.
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