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Okay, here's the thing:
I have tried flipping the textures every which way, but the result is basically the same – the body parts don't line up. I've also triple checked all the models and file names. All I do is take a texture, skin it, and then save it under the exact same name.
I've recently downloaded Kazeite's Light/Dark Bastila skins and wanted to make them as my Sith Master Robe skins. Since most of the texture is transparent to go with Bastila's metal shader, I also filled in those areas with gold and colored the hands dark to fit any player.
Here's the effect I'd like to see:
Here's what I get:
Disturbing isn't it?
(Sorry, couldn't find a better way to upload it and I'm not too sure how to stick the picture into the message since this is only my second post )
The biggest problem is that this happens with any texture. Whatever I try to re-skin, everything is then misapplied back to the model. However, any mod I download and any skin that comes with them works fine. ??? I guess I do need some professional help.

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