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Me from Paragus

Pre TSL: The last few minutes of the technician's life.

The only negative I have to mention is the tech states he's not the average Telosian 'Broad', suggesting being a woman when the character is male in the game.

The piece has that nice 'at the brink' feeling, and the last moments, seeing HK watching and picturing laughter was well done.

The Entire Planet

KOTOR orbiting Taris: Saul Karath contemplates the orders he is about to give

The piece is introspective and in a way good for Karath at least in a way. He had the fleet in position to blast the planet, but claimed he needed time to properly position it. Rethinking what he has done. The fact that he gives the order anyway makes him now someone beyond redemption.

Just Another Crazy Beginning

KOTOR above Taris: The fight aboard Endar Spire with a comedic twist.

I was laughing about three paragraphs into this and chuckled throughout. The descriptions are well done, the humor nicely ironic and satirical in turns. The very end, where it appears to be a dream that Revan is having is even funnier due to her commenting on Malak's gorget, then pretty much says shut up before I chop your jaw off. Both the sharing and threat suggest this probably happened when they were still Padawans.

Pick of the Week


Post TSL: The Jedi begin to hunt someone murdering Czerka Officials, and HK seems to be the culprit.

The author's notes at the start confused me, because it didn't appear to match the story itself. The piece is short but easy to read and fun. Too short to get a clear grasp of the story though.

A Night Atton Would Never Forget
Bald As Malak

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk En route to Onderon: Never mix cards and booze.

The piece surprised and delighted me. So many guys have thought 'get her drunk and do what you will, but the worm turned so effortlessly I didn't anticipate it. A riot!

Pick of the Week

Star Wars Heart of Evil
Darth Saboteur

3 years Post TSL: A new Dark lord arises

The piece has a problem with flow, action happens too quickly to keep track, and this distresses the readers making them stumble. My advice is reread, rewrite, and polish.


Knights in Tights
Miraea Starr

Originally reviewed July 13 2007. That review is below:

After KOTOR: The Ebon Hawk makes a brief detour thanks to a black hole.

As much as I get upset with people dragging Earth into the Genre, this looks interesting. Especially when you have such logical explanations of exactly who and what the members of the crew are. As one of the people who commented said, it’s insane, and I loved it.

Reprise Pick of the Week


Evil Shall Giggle

Originally reviewed July 13 2007. That review is below:

After KOTOR: Carth reminisces

The writing style is good, the ending surprising. It sneaks up on you, and part of me wanted to scream ‘No!’ when I read it.

Pick of the Week

Looking For Something to Die For

Post KOTOR: A Jedi and an old friend infiltrate a Sith warship.

The piece flows well, and as one reviewer said, it's nice to see Jolee go out with a Bang.

Grains of sand

KOTOR on Tatooine: The Sith use a sandstorm to get close enough to attack

The piece tends to drag, more foreboding than action.

All I See is Darkness
Jedi DWH

KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: Dreams and nightmares

The piece as another reviewer commented was frightening then funny. The end was a bit confusing, but on the whole I liked it.


KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: The hiding of Sasha after Dantooine

The piece does as I did what few others have; Looked at the world from Sasha's eyes. The author portrays a small girl afraid, but not giving up.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
What we die for...
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