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Originally Posted by Hawk 0032 View Post
Thanks, but i find it out for more than 3 days. But Thanks !
im not sure what you meant there; haha; i didnt really understand the grammar... but if you are looking to bind things, i think katanamaru made it sound like only certain things can be bound to keys through the console. forgive me if im wrong, katanamaru, but thats what it sounded like. truth is, you can bind anything using this simple bind code. even basic aspects of gameplay such as force powers and movement can be bound. for example:

bind space +moveup will bind the spacebar to the "jump" command.
bind f7 +force_lightning will bind the f7 key to force lightning.

just a few hints: the jaconfig file in the base folder should give you some ideas for total control binding. good luck!
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