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Originally Posted by harark1 View Post
Not possibly to build them at workbench normally but I think there is a mod that allows that, could someone check that out for me I think I saw one somewhere on kotor files?
Oh that sucks. But I did see some stuff by mods when I was searching, just hoping you could with the workbench.

Originally Posted by harark1 View Post
To get more lightsabers, they are rewarded to you for certain quests after you make a lightsaber, one of these is talking to mandalore after helping around the camp enough to get him to take you to iziz(others I can't think of off the top of my head.). Hope this helps you.
I know I could of gotten a lightsaber on Nar Shadda but I killed the guy that I needed to complete the guide in order to get a lens. I went to Korriban and got the dead Jedi Master's lightsaber.

Thanks for your help. I'll go to Onderon next.

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