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"Should I go up? If so, how do I gain entry?" the Salarian asked subtly. Hawking looked above at the catwalks.

"There is a maintenance elevator near-by." Hawking replied. "It should take you up to the catwalks, but this could be used to our advantage: assuming there is a sniper."

"Alright, lets keep moving." Tuhrop insisted. But he was suddenly interupted.

"Wait..." Hawking eyed the hall, where there was a room up ahead before their target destination. "There is a room up ahead that we have to cross." he whispered. "It has ventiliation shafts that will emit a sleeping gas."

Tuhrop looked up ahead. "I understand." The Turian looked at Tom and Kalick. "Take the elevator. We'll create a diversion."

Tom nodded.
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