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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post

Ok, for the umpteenth time: IT WAS LUCASARTS' DECISION to rush out the game in time for the 2004 christmas season and to bolster income for the May 2005 release of ROTS. It had little to do with Obsidian: they were given 12 months to develop TSL where Bioware had 36 months--that's not conjecture or excuse, the time-lines for their releases even line up as evidence for it. Bioware had 3 years and released it in '03, TSL was released about 1 year later. There was going to be work on a K3, but that got canceled.

2. K2 isnt a fail


The way I see it, LA is the enemy, NOT Obsidian. we should b**ch at LA about it.

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