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I'm in Act 3, playing as a male mage Hawke on PC, with 1.02 patch and NVIDIA 270.51 drivers. Since start of Act 2, possibly earlier, I've experienced an intermittent issue where my controlled character loses the ability to attack during combat. Mouse arrow won't turn to the sword when placed over an enemy and all I can do is run my character around using keyboard WASD keys. When this happens I've had to switch to another character in my party, run an attack with that party member, and then I can switch back to the party member I originally couldn't attack with and that party member will now be able to attack as normal. I don't experience this behavior all the time but often enough to find it a distracting annoyance.

Mainly I find that I just haven't gotten into Dragon Age 2's story. Before DA 2's release I recall looking forward to BioWare's first foray into framed narratives. I thought this gave BioWare an opportunity to mix things up a bit, to present their typical epic hero story in a different way. Unfortunately the way DA 2's narrative has unfolded hasn't enfolded me as it usually does with a BioWare game. This coming from a guy that completed Dragon Age: Origins six times and two partial play-thru's. I think the combat changes are an overall improvement. I'm good with the voiced player character. I'm intrigued with Flemeth's role thus far. At this point I'm not entirely sure why Dragon Age 2 hasn't grabbed hold of me like its predecessor did. All I know is that it hasn't. Maybe my feelings will change once I complete the game this weekend but at this point I find it difficult to maintain motivation sufficient to even finish Dragon Age 2. I did not in the slightest anticipate this would be the case when I started the game.

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