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Dancer Robes

hey could someone create a item mod that uses the dancers outfit called g_danceroutfit.uti in kotor tool (if that helps you find it) for a base and make some robes out of it i have a back story and that is...

The robes made for the ancient Grey Jedi woman. The reason that the Grey Jedi wore these robes was to show their differences from the Jedi and Sith. The fact that they were allowed to live a life with love was the thing that separated them from the jedi, while their lack of murder and evil-doing was the separation from the sith.

and if you make this and feel that you want to make a bigger mod that has something to do with my "back story" then you can (but if you are not the one who made the robes then you will have to have the permision of the person who made it to put that made the mod)

i do not know how to mod even though i have kotor tool
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