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Coruscant Entertainment Center

In Misery And Hope

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: The Exile is tormented by his own doubts in human form.

Mr BFA does some good work and part of me wishes he'd waited the three weeks or so by posting it to the challenge. It would be worth voting for.

Pick of the Week


Dueling Destinies
Infanta Magdalena

KOTOR orbiting Taris: The intro with a new twist.

The idea of making the main character something other than scoundrel, scout or soldier was a unique twist. Her working with communications as a translator helped explain her computer abilities. Well and tightly written.

Pick of the Week

Mandalore's Promise

TSL in the Onderon system: Mandalore remembers Revan, and eagerly awaits the arrival of the Exile

The piece is well written, with Mandalore as the tragic father waiting for his daughter's return. I have a feeling from what little I read that when the Exile heads for the Unknown Regions she had better expect to have Mandalorian back up.

Shifting Loyalties

Pre KOTOR: Saul and Carth's last meeting before the Admiral changes sides

I liked the idea that Saul was not sounding Carth out about treason, only examining his own feelings on the corruption above him. The idea that Carth is beaten out for a promotion by an incompetent politically connected officer makes it easier to understand Karath's willingness to change sides.

Technical note: Most navies assign a personal steward to officers ranked Captain and above on ships larger than a Destroyer, and have one steward assigned just to officer's country on smaller ships. That means he doesn't have to heat up or cook his own meals unless cooking is a hobby. I have met very few ship commanders who had to cook their own aboard ship.

Only Time Will Tell

KOTOR after Korriban: Dustil remembers his last meeting with Saul Karath, and considers the reconciliation with his father.

The piece is short and sweet. Dustil goes from a proud Sith warrior to a saddened boy wishing his love had not died. The end suggests hope, however. The future might be bright.

On The Other Side of Things

KOTOR aboard Leviathan: Three men on guard duty share smokes and banter

The piece has a soft feel of men just talking about what is on their minds. Suddenly you see the Sith not as faceless evil, but as normal people on the wrong side of a war.

Moment of Truth

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: Trask considers his task

The piece is very interesting in that it is said this is the fourth time Revan has been reset as it were. The idea that the Jedi would have implanted a kill switch makes a great deal of sense, it always bothered me that only two people seemed to know of her existence aboard the ship; Trask and Bastila.

Battle of the Heroes
Chris Ganale

KOTOR after Leviathan: The crew deals with the revelation.

The piece is basically a generic retelling of the scene.


Post TSL: The Exile searches for Revan in the Unknown Regions

The piece is funny due to the interplay between the droids and the one Sith they meet. The Exile's sarcasm is a lot of fun to deal with.

Meditation Omega

Republic Commando era: A Jedi tries to cut one important bond

The piece is introspective on the surface level, the Jedi tied to one squad of Clone troopers trying to sever that link emotionally. But knowing the outcome and who she is, I know it's a last gasp of Jedi sanity.

The Fragile Male Ego

During the Mandalorian wars: Two shipmates say goodbye

The piece was fun. Having Atton and Bao-Dur meet before they crew the Ebon Hawk wasn't too bad, and having all of the women throwing themselves at Bao-Dur to the detriment of Atton's ego was just too choice.

Pick of the Week

What Dreams May Come

Originally reviewed 20 January 2006 over at Kotorfanmedia. That review is below:

Set in KOTOR; Revelations during the final battle may change Revan forever.

I had never seen the concept that Revan and Malak were siblings before. Just as I made them people who almost became lovers, wook made them brother and sister. An excellent concept, and excellent read.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Insanity of Revan
Hitokiri Akins

Post KOTOR: When your love is dead, Revenge is sometimes the only option

The piece has a Vengeance is mine feel. Quite interesting

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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