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Originally Posted by Klw View Post
I dislike the Clone Wars for three reasons:

1. The movie was bad (but the series is much better).
You dislike TCW because the series is better than the movie?

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
2. They are all the same. How can you have interesting characters if everyone looks the same and is basically programmed to follow orders?
Who looks the same? The clones? If there's one thing the series has managed to do, is to give to make the clones individuals, each one having their own personality.

Originally Posted by Klw View Post
3. The Clone Wars are one giant hoax. Taken as a whole, they mean quite a bit. But once you get into individual battles, they mean nothing. Why should I care about some epic Jedi adventure during the Clone Wars if I already know that said general is a dead man walking, said clones aren't really his friends, and said planet will shortly become part of the Galactic Empire?
That can be applied to almost everything on Star Wars. I assume you disliked the PT, KotOR's, and everything that came back before the OT, because we already know what's going to happen, right?

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