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1. I disliked the movie *but* the series is better (hence the parentheses), not *because* the series is better.

2. If they were all willing to execute Order 66 then they aren't unique individuals with free will. That ruins them for me and makes them no better than droids.

3. Fair point. I guess what I really mean to say is that the battles of the Clone Wars were just "side effects" of the Emperor's conspiracy, which is the real story. The prequel trilogy, on the other hand, is the real story. The prequel trilogy is consequential - everything that happens leads to something later on. The individual battles of the Clone Wars are inconsequential - it doesn't matter who wins them because both sides are just being played against each other. That's why I'd rather see another Episode than hear about what happened in the Clone Wars.

Just my two cents about why I don't like to focus on the Clone Wars.

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