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So, one of my arch nemesis (obtained that title as he told many lies, trash talked, and generally made my family's life a living hell for quite some time) ended up in jail a few days ago for being accused of rape. Ends up he also has a pending similar charge in another state. However, yesterday (or day before?) he hung himself while in jail, leaving behind his wife and four kids.

I'm not sure what to feel about the situation. I'm glad this will somewhat clear my family name, but at the same time...a loss of life is a horrible thing...not to mention 4 kids not going to have a father growing up, now.

He hated my family, that's for sure. I even had the police after me and have high suspicion that it was him scaring people around the family who called the police on me were under his leadership. (I was innocent obviously and the police left me alone after a detective called me and I cleared things up.)

Why must people have an intent on destroying other people's lives? I'm glad this is all over, but like I said, it's no happy ending for anyone.

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