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Some words of advice and I wish luck to anyone who may be in some kind of predicament. Some of you here probably know all this stuff I'm about to say; I'm speaking more to others who may not know or who forgot about it.

I'm glad I use aliases and different passwords for all my banking but I don't have PSN or XBL. Still, I'd say use a re-loadable student credit card to do this stuff though--soundsl ike an excellent strategy (thank you bob lion54). Fraud by itself might be (relatively) easy enough to stamp out on credit cards but ID theft is a real can of worms. I'm fortunate I have never had it happen but still you gotta watch it like a hawk.

Keeping passwords written on paper and hidden is a strategy I use so nothing is stored on my computer. Plus changing passwords and account info is good to keep things moving. A moving target is harder to hit. Oh and do change credit card acct. numbers too.

That and make sure other cards and bank acct.s are not opened in your name. By law it is required that you are allowed one free credit report with no obligations per year and I suggest you take advantage of that.

Anyway I do hope nobody here on LF has had/will have any ID theft or fraud happen to them. Stay protected and good luck.

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