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"There is a maintenance elevator near-by." Hawking said first. "It should take you up to the catwalks, but this could be used to our advantage: assuming there is a sniper."

"Alright, lets keep moving." The Captain urged.

"Wait..." Hawking cut in, whispering, "There is a room up ahead that we have to cross. It has ventilation shafts that will emit a sleeping gas."

"Anesthesia?...Mmm, lab, maybe?" Kallic muttered in analysis of Hawking's words.

Captain Tuhrop shifted his sights to the two techs in the group at the moment. "I understand. Take the elevator. We'll create a diversion."

Kallic glanced over at his assigned comrade, who simply nodded at the Captain's orders. Kallic worked best alone in counter-sniper ops, but he could work with and use the added firepower of his comrade for this situation, especially seeing as how the group only had pistols at the moment. Though Kallic had nothing against pistols, to the contrary they were highly accurate and versatile to use in comparison to other weapons; he even liked to call them hand-held snipers they could be so precise, but there was an inherent difference in the capabilities and uses of that of a high-powered sniper rifle and a heavy pistol, especially the simpler M-3 Predator: Higher fire rate, a smidgen less accuracy, and far less power behind each shot in comparison to other heavy pistols most certainly - but it made up for that by having the greatest versatility of almost all other pistols, only trumped by the M-4 Shuriken, a Submachine Gun or Machine Pistol and not within the same classification of that of Heavy Pistols, though still a favored weapon of Kallic's, thus the reason he used two....If only he had them now.

Kallic motioned Tom over with a jerk of his head as he let the others move ahead to set up for the diversion, nodding at Tom as the two of them fell behind until they finally broke away from the group and headed off towards the elevator.

Once they were both in and slowly heading up Kallic looked over at Tom with a serious face, asking, "Tom, have any experience executing counter-sniper ops, or, with snipers for that matter.....Mmm, other than me, and Thiyan?"

It was important for the salarian to know how much the young man knew about snipers and how to deal with them, they are often one of the deadliest foes one can face in certain situations, this being one of them; and on a one-on-one, or even two-on-one in this case, they could be very slippery. Kallic didn't want Tom getting killed because of poor judgment due to the man's own inexperience, or from false assumptions made by Kallic himself about what Tom knew.

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