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Tom thought back to some previous experiences where he had a gun pointed to his face. "I'm more used to pistols and shotguns. I'm more used to avoiding snipers... like that time we were collecting a bounty on that Turian Merc back on Aey'ra. Man that was brutal..."

Tom smacked a clip into his pistol. "I think the captain wanted me to accompany you for my biotics. I suppose its an effective way to learn from experience."

The elevator stopped at the above maintenance level, where the two comrades stepped onto the metal catwalk. Tom hid behind one of the support pillars.

__________________________________________________ ___

Tuhrop and the rest of his squad continued towards the hazardous room. "And just what did you have in mind for a distraction?" Hawking whispered.

Tuhrop unholstered his gun and pointed it at the catwalk above. He fired his pistol rapidly at random spots. It was too dark up there to make out any form of snipers. Hawking breathed a sigh.

"Well, I suppose that should grab the snipers attention from triggering the vents."
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