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Secrets I'll Never Tell

Pre TSL: Mira's earlier life

I do wish the game designers had given us some background on the secondary characters. Where I made Mira a girl that had fought for the Mandalorians Cortessa made her a child of Nar Shaddaa. The idea that she would go from being an aspiring actress/singer to bounty hunter was a bit much to me.

As for sexual orientation, I for one have this to say... Who cares? The pass was so gentle the Twi-lek overreacted in my opinion.


Post TSL: The confrontations on Mustafar with a different cast

The problem I had with the piece is that it could have been done by using a global replacement substituting characters from KOTOR for Revenge of the Sith. It is not a fair sample of your own talents. What I would like to see is your own work surpassing this.


KOTOR on the Star Forge and the Rakata planet: Revan deals with the emotional aftermath of the struggle.

Remember to do a visual edit before you port; this catches words that do not fit such as phase (change) instead of faze (bother), or plead which should have been plea. There were also some times you didn't finish a sentence or ran words together.

The piece is excellent in the angst not only of wondering is she could redeem Malak, but also her terror at almost falling to the dark side again, and her admitted love of Bastila.

Pick of the Week

Stargazer Joe

No specific era given: What if the Force was like another personality?

The piece was fun in that the Force acts like a petulant child from the start, something the main character doesn't realize until his argument with his master on Dantooine. The irreverent attitude toward the master is more the Force talking rather than the student as well.

The Disciple Stone

Pre KOTOR: Glimpse of the Disciple's childhood

The piece like most of CB's work flows very well, and the scene is well defined. The first meeting between the Exile and Mical is perfect.
Technical note: Aren't mynocks the fliers who eat ship's cables?

Pick of the Week

Knights of the Old Republic

KOTOR above Taris: The adventure begins

Except for the fact that there is little or no character development, the piece flows very well. I have made notes below concerning the technical points that need to be addressed, but on the whole a better than generic read.

Technical note: A gunman is more properly called a gunner. Shipboard directions are port (left facing the bow) and starboard (right facing the bow)


Paranoid Gerbil

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: Trask Ulgo's last moments, and past

The piece is outstanding! You view the war years not from a defeated view, or a victor's view. Rather you view it from the man who has lost everything he cared about, and is only doing his duty from rote. His last moments, like those in the movie Gladiator, are the wishes of a man about to die, who is not afraid, and expects his world to be just beyond the veil.

Pick of the Week

His Reason

Mandalorian wars: What goes through Malak's mind as he fights?

The piece begs the question; Am I fighting for the Republic or because my superior (Revan) has decreed it?

After reading, I have to go with option 2; Malak at this point does not care where or who he fights, only that someone he accepts directs his actions.

Flight to Freedom

KOTOR on Korriban: Thalia and her companions continue their escape

One of those parts of the story not covered since it was only a side quest, this piece follows the band of escaped students after being rescued by the main character. Considering the short distance, it seemed to take forever for them to escape.

However it was a very good read.


KOTOR on Korriban: The ghost of Ajunta Pall feel's the Dark Revan's approach.

The piece is far too short as others have commented. I only placed this on the assumption of a Dark Side game, and have no real clue if it fits. As another reviewer commented, you have this epic opening with no real meat to the story.

Betrayal of Honor
Jedi Valius

KOTOR on Tatooine: As he lays dying, Jagi remembers what led him to this point.

The author did good work; the battle scenes were well done, the action crisp and clean.

I went through this side quest once, and avoided it afterward in other games because I didn't like the ending. To me it was like the game author just didn't know how to deal with Canderous' denouement regarding the events in the battle, and could only consider suicide or fighting to the death anyway. There had to be an honorable middle ground to my mind.

Pick of the Week

Caught in Destiny's Wake

KOTOR on Taris: What happens behind the scenes when your character does something like steal a uniform?

It's interesting what can happen by merely making the Sith that invites the characters to a party the opposite gender. The piece is a little bland, but as another reviewer said, it helps when you think of the average Sith as just a guy like yourself doing a job, not a rabid monster.

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