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((Sorry for the long delay.))

One Day Later

I didn't expect the trees to be this big. Shiyra thought as she looked down at the immense forests as the Ebon Hawk flew over them. She couldn't help but smile as she looked over at the co-pilot's seat and saw Mission gently rocking Ariana with one hand and pressing buttons with her free hand.

"Thanks for helping me out with her Mission." She said as she searched for the landing spot that Mission had told her was nearby. "Although I still don't understand why you couldn't leave her with Zaalbar while we landed."

"Sorry, but Zaalbar still doesn't trust her after what happened last time. He really doesn't like it when she pulls on his fur. But he did promise to protect her with his life if the need arises. Besides...I love spending time with Ariana, I think shes starting to like me." Mission smiled as the infant reached up and tried to grab one of her lekku only to have Mission gently put her hand back down.

Shiyra laughed softly as she continued looking for the landing pad and pointed her finger towards a small clearing among the trees that seemed to be abandoned. "Is that it?"

Mission looked up from Ariana and nodded. "That's the landing pad that Czerka set up the last time we were here. The Wookiees managed to drive Czerka away after Zaalbar's father came to power so it should still be abandoned. I should warn you that Kashyyyk can be a very dangerous place to travel to. There are some pretty nasty predators here. None of them are a direct match for a jedi but watch your back here."

Shiyra simply nodded but then looked over at Mission. "Do you think you could stay and keep an eye on Ariana while I'm gone? I don't think this should take too long, not if Zaalbar is coming along with me."

Mission looked down at the baby and smiled. "Sure. Just to be safe I'll put the Hawk on lockdown mode until you get back."

Shiyra got to her feet as the Hawk touched down on the landing pad and softly kissed her daughter on the top of her head before heading back towards the loading ramp. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Zaalbar anxiously waiting at the ramp.

"Looking forward to seeing home again?" She asked as she hit the controls that would lower the ramp. Zaalbar nodded. "It has been too long since I have been able to see my home and I am greatly looking forward to seeing father again. I hope that he is well."

"I'm sure he'll be happy to see you Zaalbar. From what I've heard you haven't been home for a long time."

The two of them walked down the ramp and Shiyra grabbed her lightsaber off her belt and held it by her side. She wanted to be prepared if they ran into anything on their way to Zaalbar's home village. "So tell me Zaalbar...what are some of the more dangerous creatures here?"

The Wookiee paused for a moment and then began walking again. "As of now we are on one of the higher levels so there most likely won't be anything worth mentioning. However, the Shadowlands which are one of the lower levels are filled with very dangerous creatures. I would recommend that we avoid the Shadowlands at all costs for now."

"That sounds like a good idea." Shiyra replied.

One hour Later

Shiyra and Zaalbar had been walking for nearly an hour before approaching the gates that led to the village of Rwookrrorro. The wookiee guard who stood before them looked Shiyra over once and grunted and then looked over at Zaalbar and his eyes widened in suprise. " have returned to us after so many years..."

Zaalbar nodded. "It has been many years since I have been able to return to Kashyyyk, much has changed in the galaxy since I was last here."

The guard looked over Shiyra and his hand went down to his sword which was leaning against the gate. "And what of this one? You know that only the one who traveled with you before is welcome here. This one is unknown to us."

Zaalbar narrowed his eyes. "This one travels with me along with the one you know as Mission also travels with me." Zaalbar motioned for Shiyra to step forward. "She has lost her mate to a coward...right now the only family she has left is her child. She is being hunted day and night by the same man who killed her mate. I am ask my father if we may stay here for a short time until her ship is repaired and we can come up with a plan."

The gaurd thought for a moment and then put his sword down. "You may speak with the chieftain but remember will be watched."

The gates of the village slowly opened and the two stepped through. "Your you think that he'll help us?"

Zaalbar nodded. "My father will listen, and I am sure that he will help us after the role we played in helping drive Czerka away.

At least I hope he will. Zaalbar thought as they walked into the village.
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