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Originally Posted by Delta RC-2235 "Cyro" View Post

Ok i've tried the beta version and here is my experience:

I think it is great an introduction with the trainning.
Its exactly like in the clone wars 3D series. GREAT!!

But i only can play that first "map". After i get to the top and get the flag
it takes me to a room with 4 clones and there i can do nothing. maybe it is
because is a beta and the first map is all i have, but just in case it is not all...
But i can go through the walls.
Oh, if you are killed in the first part, and you call one of the others to
get bacta to you, the game crashes.
Also the squad doesnt go forward too well, they stay in the middle three of the four times i played.
Last thing, the weapon used doesnt have a zoom, i mean you can click right button and you "have zoom" but the gunsight is black or yellow, but you cant see through it.

I hope this help you to improve, but in anycase thank you very much for this mod of this incredible game!! im looking forward for a complete version of this mod
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