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Originally Posted by decalibron View Post
damn, GTA:SWcity, i was hoping to come in and give my point of view, but you really summed it up. i've always heard it explained as a beam of plasma level energy that is constrained due to the fact that it bends back upon itself (at the point, for anyone who isn't following) which supports your magnetism, as something would have to draw the plasma back into the hilt upon itself.
I'd say it more closely resembles controlled ionization, personally. But that's just me.

hm...and keeping with the theme of the site, this bionic arm relates fairly closely to Anakin's, albeit less "tuned" and certainly not 5x as strong as his original one.
In due time these things develop.

and yes we do have stealth aircraft in the air force, they use angular construction on the ship to deflect radar, and/or coat the ship in a buttery substance to absorb said radar.
Eh? I don't know about that... I'm talking about recently developed technology to make vehicles appear nearly invisible to equipment and human eyes.

Originally Posted by Jan Gaarni View Post
That is what I've read.

The "beam" comes out the center of the hilt, and arcs back down on the outside of the core beam and into the hilt again, forming a loop.

The only time it really loses energy is when the "blade" is "shortcutted" so to speak. F.ex. when Qui-Gon sticks it into that blast door in Ep. 1, or basically any time you cut someone with it.
Even so, plasma has a long way to go, then. You ever tried cutting wood or biological substance with a plasma cutter? --You'll see what I mean.

Though plasma "pens" for burning, etching, and engraving seem a little closer, but this is more akin to a highly energized vibrosword...or strider hiryu's tonfa lance/blade. But essentially it does at least a little more with a heated metal tip and a constant flow of high frequency/high voltage. Whereas a plasma cutter is more like a flame of lightning.

Originally Posted by decalibron View Post
as far as i know...nothing. Plasma, which is widely considered the energy of a lightsaber, is ionized gas.
Plasma takes on many forms. Higher forms of ionization that could be neatly controlled are more like it. I would say particle beams/accelerators, but my understanding is limited on these.

A lightsaber appears to not need a constantly flowing jet of gas or air nor a directing bit or tool. Even the air that ionizes at the focal point of a laser puse could be considered such a thing. You'll note that none of this quite 'works' for making a blade of energy.

an example of this is lightning, which as far as i know, can't be "put out".
It's also just a short duration arc that self terminates. A device that made a constant arc would be more along these lines, but could short out, overheat, and cause any number of other undesirable phenomena. The trouble as I said above would be delivery system to give it a blade form.

The closest we have achieved is a plasma cutter which is passing a jet of gas or air through high frequency arcs to make an ionized beam. The arc can be extinguished or shorted out unfortunately.

that being said, if it actually was plasma, these things are extremely volatile, and often very big, such as lightning, solar flares, and is EXTREMELY HOT! (lightning is often hotter than the center of the sun). if it was in fact that hot, you wouldn't be able to come within miles of it, let along hold it with a metal bar.
Very true.

that being said, how was Satele Shan able to block it with her hand and the force in the Hope Trailer?
Force absorb? Force sheild? Tutaminis? It isn't inconceivable that if a Jedi can use it to shield from blaster bolts, such a power can also defend against lightsabers. In fact, jedi outcast essentially allowed this power for light side alignment in multiplayer mode. You'd cocoon yourself in the absorbing field and it would protect from lightsabers and blasters.

Originally Posted by Gerevick View Post
A candle flame extiniguishes if it is bombarded by too much water. What would put out the energy of a lightsaber?
Some material impervious to energy bombardment. Vader fought someone who had a cortosis dagger, and when the opponent blocked Vader's lightsaber, the saber overloaded and shut down for several minutes leaving Vader to fight by other means.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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